Jennifer Wallace, MA

Jennifer holds a Master of Arts  degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, GA. She attended the University of Kansas earning a Bachelor in the Arts of Global and International Studies where she studied Russian and received a minor in Psychology.

Jennifer’s approach to therapy includes connecting deeply with her clients by providing unconditional positive regard, acceptance, insight, and hope to her clients. Through this deep connection, Jennifer provides a safe place for clients to explore hardships when they arise; a place where clients do not feel alone but rather feel supported and empowered to change.  She feels passionate about helping others who face trauma, loss, perfectionism, anxiety, depression, difficult relationships, and those who want to explore their identity.

Jennifer would describe herself as a Christian Counselor in that she views each client through a Christian worldview where all clients have immense worth as they are created in the image of God and that each person has a unique purpose in life. She is sensitive and open to working with clients from all different faith backgrounds.

Jennifer is a Texas native who moved to Atlanta within the last 3 years and now calls Georgia home. She enjoys watching Kansas Jayhawk college basketball with her husband, playing the piano, and reading at a nearby coffee shop.

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