These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding how we work


If I want to make an appointment, how do I do that?

You may make an appointment right here on the website. Just click on the “Blue Button” and follow the directions as to what therapist you would like to see and the times listed.  You may also email or call the therapist at the number or address listed on their bio page.

What should i expect at my first visit?

Don’t be nervous! Just have a seat in the waiting room and your therapist will be out to meet you and show you to their office.  The therapist will go over the forms you have filled out and answer any questions you have concerning counseling.  The first appointment is more of a “getting to know you” session.  You will discuss the concerns that brought you to counseling along with a brief history. You will be allowed to answer these questions at a level that is comfortable to you.

What do I need to do before my first visit?

On the website is a link to all our forms. You can download those and fill them out before your appointment. Just bring them to that appointment. You can also wait and fill out the forms here at the office. There are copies available in the waiting room. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the forms.

How long will I have to come to counseling?

There is no single answer to that question. The choice is 100 percent yours as to how long you wish to stay. You should continue therapy for as long as you feel it is helping you. Do what is best for you. If you find at any time you would like to terminate your counseling, we do recommend you schedule one last appointment to discuss your progress. In this appointment, you discuss how to maintain that progress in the future.

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