Sarah Zipfel, MA, LAPC


Sarah holds a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University, and completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Kennesaw State University.
Life can take us places we never planned on going. We can find ourselves feeling lost, hurting, joyless, and isolated...even disconnected from ourselves and others. It is my privilege to walk alongside my clients who are suffering in life: anxiety, depression, relational trauma and dysfunction, loss of spiritual focus and grief. I know that my clients can experience freedom, hope, and joyous wellbeing... rather than just surviving from chaos to chaos! I am confident that there is more to life and relationships than brokenness and pain.
My therapeutic approach encompasses treatments focused toward alleviation of anxiety/depression, trauma-reduction, loss of personal power, and limiting beliefs. I offer a deeply personalized approach, empowering my clients toward healthy detachment, increased self-worth, greater autonomy and away from the codependency that coincides in relationships with addicts and narcissists.
The heart of my practice is in helping spouses/partners recover from toxic, abusive relationships... toward increased self-esteem and adaptability. My goal in the counseling relationship is to provide care, hope, education, and compassionate insight to my clients, as they apply the tools required to improve their life and relationships.




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