Libby Watson, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor


You may have been to counseling before or read books that helped, but you are still longing for something more. You may have tried to change for years, and you might have temporary success; however, you still have symptoms that keep coming up. You may feel bound by depression, guilt, anxiety, grief, abuse, compulsions, or anger. There is hope for a brighter future and happiness. There are very effective treatment methods that can help you make the change you have always wanted.

Libby uses the most effective treatment methods that get to the root of the problem rather than treating the symptoms. EMDR is a method that reprocesses memories in a way that resolves your unhealthy beliefs that drive unhealthy behavior. TRT is also a treatment method that gets to the root of the problem and is done individually and in groups. The long-term solution is “rewiring the brain” removing the “negative circuits” and adding more “joyful circuits”.

Libby is a Licensed Professional Counselor and specializes in Trauma Therapy. She has directed Trauma Therapy groups for 10 years and been trained in EMDR and Trauma Resolution Therapy. She earned her Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling from Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, GA. Her undergraduate studies were obtained at Southern Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering Technology. She then worked for 15 years in telecommunications network engineering and training.

Libby grew up in Marietta, GA. She has been married for twenty-seven years to her high school sweetheart, and they have a daughter entering  graduate school.

Fees & Insurance-- Libby accept’s MasterCard, Visa, American Ex Personal check or cash. Libby does not accept insurance.


Restoration 23 is a private organization and, as such, does not receive funding from any nonprofit or governmental entity. We are a fee-for-service company and, unless arrangements are made in advance, payment is due at the time of service.


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Libby Watson’s rates for 50-minute counseling sessions are $80. Please be prepared to pay for your first appointment.

Libby's services may be eligible as an out-of-network provider under insurance plans. If this is your situation, we would be glad to provide you with all the necessary information, receipts and paperwork to allow you, in most circumstances, to be reimbursed for the cost of counseling. Payment is expected at the time of service and at this time you will be provided with the receipt. However, it is strongly recommended that you contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment.

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